Maria Thun biodynamic planting calendar




The planting calendar indicates the favourable days for planting, replanting, plant care and harvest, as well as for work with bees. It is suitable for gardeners and beekeepers, whether they are beginners or already experienced.


The planting calendar by Maria Thun is the basis of biodynamic planting, which preserves the ecological balance, ground fertility, as well as plant, animal and human health.

Her calendar was chosen because her work is scientifically proven and the result of years of observation and research based on the astronomical star maps and calculations. Her recommendations originate from practical garden work and the tests she has performed for decades.


During her work in the garden, Thun closely recorded the results. She saw the lunar effects in the responses of the plants and based on these findings divided the plants in fruit vegetables, root vegetables, leaf vegetables and flowering plants.

She discovered that the volume of the harvest increased by 30% if the appropriate time for planting was chosen, while the food produced this way was also healthier. By choosing the right time for the most important tasks we are helping the plants to grow.


Besides the lunar phases, the calendar also considers the effect of other celestial bodies moving in front of the zodiac background. By knowing and taking into account the calendar, work becomes easier.





Flowering plants


During these days we perform all the work with these plants.


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Root vegetables


During the root vegetables’ days we plant, replant, hoe, pick up and preserve the root vegetables.


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Leaf vegetables


During this period we plant and hoe the leaf vegetables.

These days are not suitable for picking, preparing and storing the plants.


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Fruit vegetables


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