iWatch Concept




While there’s already a few different smartwatches out there a lot of people are waiting for Apple to reinvent the watch, just as they did with the mobile phone, music, and graphical user interface for personal computers.


What do we expect for iWatch to be like? It needs to have a long battery life, should be light to wear and most importantly there must be an integration with the iTunes Store and compatibility with all of the apps that are available right now. It will run the latest iOS operating system providing integration with other iOS devices. The screen resolution should also be just right, like 640x640 pixels. The curved glass with anti-scratch technology would certainly be a revolutionary experiment and there is enough room in the strap to hold the Li-ion battery with a sufficient capacity.


As we anticipate that this would be the future of Apple's innovation regarding iWatch, we have prepared for it. We redesigned all our apps to be ready for iWatch. Even more, we made a concept of iWatch.


So here it is.


In black and silver variant.


Whether the year 2014 will be the year of iWatch nobody knows yet, but anyway - we are ready for it. If you like our iWatch concept please drop us a note and share this page.