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Swipe up or down to open

 the events list.

Swipe from left to right to switch to the previous day / year.

Swipe from right to left to switch to the next day / year.

Shake for Auto-Lock ON / OFF

By shaking the device we can prevent the screen from going to sleep. This is ideal for work related situations when we place the iPhone on the desk in order to keep track of time.

Once we initiate time tracking for a given project, the corresponding arc which presents this event in progress is also being drawn at the same time. This makes CircleTime an excellent tool for your office iOS device.


This Auto-Lock setting only affects the CircleTime app.

Legend White

Legend Dark



Single date


Time interval


Jumping back to


Drag the outer circle to start spinning it.

We can select an arbitrary day by  tapping it. This will display corresponding events and also the time difference in days from the current date.

We can also select arbitrary time intervals by double tapping the start date, then single tapping the end date.

Double tapping within the inner circle always returns to the current date.

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